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Let us take a moment away from New York issues to address two out-of-state issues involving politics and the law.

First, the justice system in Florida is once again the target of an attack that is significantly more dangerous than any in the state’s history.  Three Supreme Court Justices – Fred Lewis, Peggy Quince, and Barbara Pariente – are being targeted for removal by Republican state party officials, the Koch brothers, and other individuals.   

Below are some articles on the subject:

Although we try to be apolitical here, an independent judiciary is paramount to the rule of law.  For our Florida readers, we implore you to vote to retain these three eminently-qualified justices and send a message that politics must be kept separate from the courts.

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Second, as we recover from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy, we are reminded of the benefits of the rule of law and the leadership our politicians must show in the face of adversity.  One of the most memorable examples of such leadership comes from our neighboring state of New Jersey.

Since October, 2011, Governor Chris Christie has supported Mitt Romney’s run for President, and has been a harsh critic of President Obama since before then.  The Governor was the keynote speaker at the 2012 Republican National Convention and is in line for a top cabinet position if Romney wins on Tuesday.

Hurricane Sandy caused grave devastation to New Jersey’s coastal and inland areas.  Rather than tiptoe around the positive federal response, Gov. Christie stood up and praised the President for his management of the crisis and at the same time blasted any suggestion that he should be concerned with politics.  His quotes:

I have to give the president great credit. He’s been on the phone with me three times in the last 24 hours. He has been very attentive and anything that I’ve asked for he’s gotten to me, so I thank the president publicly for that. He has done, as far as I’m concerned, a great job for New Jersey.

I spoke to the president three times yesterday. He called me for the last time at midnight last night, asking what he could do. I said ‘if you could expedite designating New Jersey as a major disaster area that that would help us to get federal money and resources in here as quickly as possible to help clean up the damage here.

And on the issue of the election:

I have no idea nor am I the least bit concerned or interested. I’ve got a job to do here in New Jersey that’s much bigger than presidential politics and I could care less about any of that stuff. I have a job to do.

I’ve got 2.4 million people out of power. I’ve got devastation on the shore. I’ve got floods in the northern part of my state. If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics then you don’t know me.

Kudos to the Governor for being a true leader and one who puts people before politics.

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