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Kudos to Curt Schilling, former all-star pitcher and World Series hero, who came to his daughter’s defense after cyberbullies wrote rude, nasty, hateful things. What spurred them on? The family’s celebration of the younger Schilling’s acceptance to college. Schilling found out who a number of these bullies were, exposed them for their vulgarity, and the repercussions — firings, suspensions, etc. — flowed from there.

Too often wrongdoers are protected so that victims can never hold them responsible for their actions. Statutes protect municipalities from being held liable for wrongdoing. Insurance companies fight tooth and nail to protect negligent actors and refuse to provide full and fair compensation to those who they’ve victimized — making the victim a victim twice over. And mandatory arbitration clauses place victims at a distinct disadvantage when dealing with corporate America.

So, a tip of the (baseball) cap to Mr. Schilling, who like a number of champions for justice, did his part to help not only his own family, but others who may be suffering the same types of victimization.

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